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Chuyên dùng khuếch đại tín hiệu cho hệ thống truyền hình cáp, mạng tivi CATV của các tòa nhà, khách sạn, chung cư, hộ gia đình dùng nhiều tivi, tín hiệu khuếch đại ra tới các tivi đẹp, rõ nét, hoạt động ổn định, liên tục. Có thể khuếch đại cho 30 ~ 40 tivi. Thiết bị nhập khẩu chính thức, có đầy đủ giấy chứng nhận C/O, C/Q.

Product Summary
WA-1236 series outdoor modular bidirectional trunk amplifier is a new high gain amplifier. Adopt mature and optimized circuit design, scientific and rational internal process, high quality materials, to ensure the stable gain and low distortion. It's the first choice equipment for large and medium-sized CATV bidirectional transmission network.
Performance Characteristics
■    Forward path pre-stage adopts the newest high index imported low noise push-pull amplify module or GaAs push-pull module, and the output stage adopts an independent newest high index imported power doubler amplify module or GaAs amplify module, to achieve good nonlinear index and stable output level.
■    Return path adopts the newest high index imported reverse dedicated amplify module, to achieve low distortion and high SNR.
■    It is more convenient to debug because of the plug-in duplex filter, fixed equalizer and attenuator (EQ and ATT both adopt fixed attenuator to adjust the equilibrium and attenuation), plug-in output tap or splitter, and the scientific and reasonable on-line detection ports.
■    The output level mode is AGC or MGC optional, it is more convenient.
■    The equipment can long time continuous work steadily under outdoor bad environmental condition. Because of the aluminum waterproof housing, high reliability switching power supply and strict lightning protection system.
■  The structure adopts embedded modular design, easy to maintain, replace and debug.

Item Unit Technical Parameter
Forward Path
Frequency range MHz 87-862/1003
Rated gain(@FZ110) dB 36
Min full gain(@FZ110) dB ≥36
Rated Input Level dBμV 72
Rated Output Level dBμV 108
Flatness In Band dB ±0.75
Noise Figure dB ≤10
Return Loss dB ≥16
ATT dB 1-18 (Fixed, 1dB stepping, selectable)
EQ dB 1-15 (Fixed, 1dB stepping, selectable)
C/CTB dB 67 Test condition: 84 channels.
Output level: 85MHz/750MHz/1003MHz
C/CSO dB 65 100dBuV/105dBuV/108 dBuV
Group Delay ns ≤10  (112.25 MHz/116.68 MHz)
Signal to Hum Ratio % < 2%
Gain Stability dB -1.0 ~ +1.0
Return Path
Frequency Range MHz 5 ~ 65
Rated Gain dB ≥22 (@FZ110)
Min Full Gain dB ≥22 (@FZ110)
Flatness In Band dB ±0.75
Noise Figure dB ≤ 8
Return Loss dB ≥ 16
Carrier to Second Order Intermodulation Ratio dB ≥ 52 Test condition: output level 110dBμV, Test points: F1=10MHz,F2=60MHz, F3=F2-F1=50MHz
Group Delay ns ≤ 20  (57MHz/59MHz)
Signal to Hum Ratio % < 2%
   General Characteristic
Characteristic Impedance Ω 75
Test Port dB -20±1
Power Voltage V A: AC (135 ~ 250)V; B: AC (45 ~ 90)V
Impulse Withstand Voltage (10/700μs) kV > 5
Power Consumption W ≤22
Dimension mm 295 (L) × 210 (W) × 150 (H)


4. Block Diagram


1 Forward path ATT 2 AC overcurrent fuse 3 AC60V feed port
4 Forward path EQ 5 MGCregulator potentiometer 6 MGC indicator
7 AGC regulator potentiometer 8 AGC indicator 9 RF input
10 Return path outputtest port 11 Forward path input test port 12 Return path EQ
13 Return path ATT 14 Working indicator 15 Transform inserter*
16 Forward path EQ 17 AC overcurrent fuse 18 RF output 1
19 Forward path ATT 20 Forward path output test port 21 AGC/MGC mode switch
22 Mainboard power supply port 23 RF output 2 24 Tap or splitter
25 Return path inputtest port 26 AC overcurrent fuse 27 Return path input ATT
28 Low pass filter 29 Transform inserter*    

*Change the insert direction of component 15, 29 to determine the return path is amplified or not.

6. Order Guide

When ordering: please confirm the split frequency.

Special Notice:
1. This product must be reliable grounded before use.
2. The maximum over-current capacity of this product is 10A.
7. After-sales service description
1.      We promise: Free warranty for thirteen months (Leave factory time on product qualification certificate as the start date). The extended warranty term based on the supply agreement. We responsible for lifetime maintenance. If the equipment fault is resulted from the users’ improperly operation or unavoidable environment reasons, we will responsible maintenance but ask suitable material cost.
2.      When the equipment breaks down, immediately contact local distributor or directly call our technical support hotline 86-0571-82576002, 18967160936.
3.      The site maintenance of the fault equipment must be operated by professional technicians to avoid worse damage.
Special notice: If the equipment has been maintained by users, we will not responsible free maintenance. We will ask suitable maintenance cost and material cost.

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