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Node quang 2 cổng WR-8602JL- Optcal node 2 port 

1. With PIN Photoelectric Converter and High Response. 
2. Optimization circuit design, SMT process production, optimization signal path, fluency photoelectric signal transmission. 
3. With specialized RF attenuate IC, Good linear of RF attenuation and equality and high accuracy. 
4. GaAs amplify, power double output, high gain and low distortion. 
5. Microprocessor control working status, LED shows all parameters, convenience operation and high stability. 
6. Optimization AGC performance, when the input power range is -9~+2dBm, the output lever, CTB and CSO keep constantly. 
7. Backup data communications interface, it is convenient to connect with network management responder, connecting with network management system.

Item Unit Technical  Parameter
Optical  Parameter
Receive  Optical  Power dBm -9  ~  +2
Return  Loss dB > 45
Optical  Wavelength nm 1100  ~  1600
Connector  Type   FC/APC  or  SC/APC
Fiber  Type   Single  Mode
Circuit  Performance
C/N dB ≥   51(-2dBm  Input )
C/CTB dB ≥   65 Output  Level  108  dBμ V 
Balanced  6dB
C/CSO dB ≥   60  
RF  Performance
Frequency  Range MHz 45  ~862
Flatness  in  Band dB ± 0.75
Rated  Output  Level dBμ V ≥   108
Max  Output  Level dBμ V ≥   114
Output  Return  Loss dB ≥ 16(45  ~550MHz) ≥ 14(550  ~862MHz)
Output  Impedance Ω 75
Electronic  Control  EQ  Range dB 0~10
Electronic  Control  ATT  Range dBμ V 0~20
Return  Transmit  Performance  Parameter
Optical  Parameter
Optical  Transmit  Wavelength nm 1310± 10
Output  Optical  Power dBm 1  ~  5
Connector  Type   FC/APC  or  SC/APC
RF  Parameter
Frequency  Range MHz 5  ~  65  or  according  to  the  requirement  of  user
Flatness  in  Band dB ± 1
Input  Level dBμ V 85  ~  90
Output  Impedance Ω 75
General  Parameter
Supply  Voltage V A: AC(150~265)V; B: AC(35~90)V
Operating  Temperature   -40~60
Storage  Temperature   -40~65
Relative  Humidity % Max  95%  No  Condensation
Consumption VA ≤   30
Dimension mm 240*240*150


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